215 South Madison Street, Fortville, IN 46040, United States
215 South Madison Street, Fortville, IN 46040, United States


Deaton’s Waterfront Services is an authorized dealer for ShoreStation, Sunstream and Poly Lift boat lifts.  We offer different types of boat lifts, including Stationary, floating, hydraulic, and cable.

Boat Lifts


As previously mentioned, Deaton’s Waterfront Services offers several types of boat lifts. With ShoreStation, boat owners get one of the most revolutionary stationary lifts on the market. The features of a ShoreStation include:

  • Protection
    • Protect your boat from harmful UV rays with a protective vinyl cover.
    • Safely restore your boat to the original position every time you dock. With a built-in bow stop, there’s no chance of overrunning your lift.
  • Speed
    • Quickly secure your boat when docking, and lower it into the water when it’s time for recreation. ShoreStation boat lifts can come equipped with a motor to help speed up the process of manually cranking your lift

ShoreStation can vary by the owners choice. They can either be hydraulic or cable, but they are always stationary.


Sunstream lifts are easy to use and compact. They come in either floating or stationary, allowing for customers with high water fluctuation to safely store their boat out of water.  A stationary Sunstream lift is hydraulic, meaning no additional cost to prevent hand-cranking.  For more information about Sunstream, click here to visit their website. 

Poly Lift

Poly Lift manufactures floating boat lifts. They come in two models, Poly Lifts or Roto Lifts. They both feature a hydraulic lift system, and come standard with a motor. Never worry about corrosion or splintering with these lifts. Your boat will be safe from zebra muscles by always being kept out of water.

If you are interested in a new lift, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (317)747-4933. Our team of experts will consult you to determine the right lift the fits your needs.


Floating Lifts