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Dock Blogs

Dock Blogs 101:
Stay tuned for monthly dock blogs on what to look for when purchasing marine equipment, including boat docks, boat lifts, and seawalls!

Just like any other large purchase, you need to do some sort of research before pulling the trigger. Be sure to follow our Dock Blogs; you are going to have different needs and wants for your waterfront equipment if you own a yacht on Lake Michigan or a canoe on a local river.

The biggest question any waterfront owner needs to ask is this: “What do I want to achieve with this space?”

Also just like any other larger purchase; decks, houses, and property it all relies on the size of the dock. Square footage is the factor when pricing out a dock project. This factor can be used for:

  • Custom Floating Docks
  • Temporary Stationary Lifts
  • Modular Floating Docks
  • Permanent Boat Houses
  • Wooden DIY Dock Kits
  • Swim Platforms
  • ADA Paddle Docks
Stationary Dock-

Custom Boat House-

Custom Floating Dock - 

Letter from the Editor:

When coming up with our dock blogs we try to be relative to the time of the boating, fishing, and swimming season. We are a seasonal business which involves a noticeable change in usage for our equipment from Summer to Winter. During Memorial Day to Labor Day our boat docks, boat lifts, and seawall services are in very high demand.

After reading our articles in side the dock blogs continuum, you will come accustom to services and products that you want to focus on. Such as dock drawings, or new boat lift permitting, or maybe looking for a boat dock rental. All these are services that we can provide to pre-existing customers, new customers, or also dealer that want to join us.

Please advise our staff if you would like a article written to tailor your waterfront needs, if its ice movement, electricity around the water, or our upcoming boat shows.