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*Repair services are for residents of Indiana only*

Deaton’s Waterfront Services Crew has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in waterfront construction, including repairs and installations.  Our company can provide you help to repair your equipment whether it is a broken cable, broken lift, damaged docks, or seawalls.  We can help you get your Property back to working condition.

Warranty Claims

Deaton’s Waterfront offers extended warranties on all of our new products. If a manufacturer’s error occurs, we will work with our customer to help them submit a claim to repair their equipment.

Weather Damage

Docks tend to get beat up pretty well during harsh weather conditions. If they are older, they are more than likely to have some bolts break. Our team will reassess your dock and determine what is needed to properly restore it. From new nuts and bolts to new floats, our team can fix anything!

Lift Repair

There are several things that could go wrong on a lift. Cables can snap, bunks can come loose, and legs can get moved around. Our team will determine the cause of your lift not working properly, and order the necessary equipment to repair it. We can reset your lift and make sure that it is in full working condition!



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