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Outdoor Storage

*Outdoor storage services are for residents of Indiana only*

Finding somewhere to safely store your trailer can be a challenge. Deaton’s Waterfront Services now offers simple and convenient outdoor storage for trailers, boats, and RVs at an affordable price. Deaton’s Waterfront Services is committed to ensuring our customers needs are the top priority.

Reasons for Outdoor Trailer Storage

There are several reasons for needing a space to store your trailer or RV. Here’s a few of our most common reasons:

1. Space

Boat Trailers and RVs are large pieces of equipment, generally measuring from 5′ – 10′ in width and from 8′-40′ in length. Unfortunately for some people, that is too much space to store at home. The size also usually means there isn’t any way it can be stored in a garage at home either.  Storing it at Deaton’s will save on space at home, and gives you satisfaction knowing that your yard will be free of clutter.

2. Costs and Fees

Many residential neighborhoods are under enforcement of a Homeowners Association’s codes and rules. Most HOAs prohibit storing a boat trailer or RV in the street or yard, making it difficult to own one if you live in one of these neighborhoods. If you aren’t able to store a trailer or RV in your neighborhood, Deaton’s Waterfront Services is a great alternative.

3. Security

No matter where your trailer or RV is stored, making sure it is safe and protected from criminals is always a top priority. Under Deaton’s Waterfront Service’s surveillance, your equipment will be closely monitored to protect it from criminal activity.

Deatons Waterfront Services’ top priority when it comes to storing trailers is to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. We are currently getting ready to start accepting storage for the Fall in 2020. If you are interested in storing your trailer, boat, or RV, reach out to our expert team or give our office a call at (317)747-4933.