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Stationary Docks

“Stationary Docks are ideal for low fluctuation¬†water table”

Deaton’s Waterfront Services provides the highest quality of custom aluminum frame stationary docks on the market today. We can design, consult, permit and provide all the materials needed to build your dock setup. Please also inquire about delivery and installation.

Stationary Docks Consist of:

  • Varying styles of decking (wood, composite, PVC, aluminum and thru-flow)
  • Custom construction
  • Galvanized Steel Anchors
  • Dimensional Drawings / Bill of Materials
  • Optional Accessories. Bumpers, cleats, ladders, benches, etc.

stationary docks

With our experience with Custom Stationary Docks, we can design the best way to anchor your dock and ensure functionality along with stability.

Benefits of Owning Stationary Docks

Before getting into the benefits of stationary docks, it’s important to remember that if the body of water fluctuates, then a floating dock is better suited. A stationary dock is best suited for water that remains close to the same level, because the dock will not rise up and down as the water does.

If the proper water requirements are met, there are many benefits to owning a stationary dock. If purchasing an aluminum stationary dock, they tend to run cheaper than a floating steel dock. Stability is also an excellent benefit of owning a stationary dock. If an area has high foot traffic, a floating dock wouldn’t be able to handle such a heavy load.

Unfortunately in Indiana, owning a stationary dock isn’t usually the best solution. During the harsh Midwest winters, snow can pile onto a stationary dock causing damage to the frame and allowing it to sink.¬† While Deaton’s Waterfront Services will be happy to help repair any damage, the amount could become costly over time.

If you are interested in a stationary dock, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (317)747-4933. Our team will gladly evaluate you waterfront to determine if a stationary dock is best suited for you.



Stationary Dock Renderings


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