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Ez Dock Basics



EZ Dock floating docks are the best investment you can make in your waterfront property. What makes them different from other floating docks and products? EZ Docks for lakes, rivers and other waterfronts are:
Maintenance-free. The polyethylene docks will not rot, splinter or require paint. They also withstand all kinds of weather without you needing to replace planks. With EZ Dock, you get to spend more time on the water or growing your business, because you won’t need to constantly maintain your dock.
Barefoot-friendly. Slip-resistant surfaces are molded into EZ Dock docks right at the manufacturing stage so your feet can enjoy a surer grip. Grooves on the surface channel off the water so you’re not stepping in puddles and the polyethylene surface transfers less heat to bare skin on hot days to help reduce the risk of contact burns. With no risk of splinters or protruding nails, you can leave your shoes on shore!
Durable. Recycled rubber couplings allow for flexibility and strength so that even in rough waters or bad weather, each piece of the dock will move independently and keep the whole structure intact. We’ve even captured video of EZ Dock docks lasting beautifully through tropical storms. They’re that strong!
Easy to configure. With a unique coupling design, you can customize your EZ Dock commercial or residential boat docks to your specific requirements. Easy to install, these docks come in a variety of sizes and types you can combine to get the waterfront experience you’d like. Your EZ Dock can evolve over time as your needs change with easily configurable products.
Versatile. As one of the top floating dock manufacturers in the world, EZ Dock is the solution of choice for the most discriminating customers. Look around and you’ll see EZ Dock products at marinas, military installations, government facilities, restaurants, resorts, estates, homes and in just about every other use. Whether you want a dock for kayaking, boating, swimming or walking (or all of these applications!), EZ Dock can help.
You can find wood floating docks for sale everywhere, but what happens when they splinter or rot? You’re left to rebuild, which can be a costly and time-intensive project. But with EZ Dock products, you won’t have to worry about that! EZ Dock is one of the top boat and water sport dock manufacturers, and remains dedicated to getting you on the water with design solutions that are durable, safe, maintenance-free and easy to install.
Check out the variety of floating docks, boat docks, PWC lifts and accessories we have available, and start building your ideal waterfront area today! Contact us for more information sales@deatonsdocks.com or 317.747.4933.