215 South Madison Street, Fortville, IN 46040, United States
215 South Madison Street, Fortville, IN 46040, United States

Floating Docks

“Floating Docks help with water¬†fluctuation

Deaton’s Waterfront Services provides the highest quality of custom galvanized steel truss frames on the market today. We can design, consult, permit and provide all the materials needed to build your dock setup. Please also inquire about delivery and installation.

Custom Floating Docks consist of:

  • Varying styles of decking. Wood, concrete, composite, PVC, aluminum and thru-flow
  • 12″ Galvanized Steal Truss Frame
  • Encapsulated Dock Fluctuation¬†(25yr warranty)
  • Galvanized Bolts & Screws
  • Dimensional Drawings / Bill of Materials
  • Optional Accessories. Bumper, cleats, ladders, dock boxes, power pedestals, etc

With our experience with Custom Floating Docks, we can design the best way to anchor your dock and ensure functionality along with stability.

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If you interested in a new floating dock, please contact us or give us a call at (317)747-4933. Our team of experts will work with you to design the dock that fits your needs.

Floating Docks Renderings

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