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Modular Docks

Modular Docks- “The New Docks on The Block”
When the idea of a modular dock was first mentioned in the 1990’s, it was well received and has become a popular option for many first time dock buyers, or seasoned dock experts. The modular dock industry has exploded with new manufacturers and has legitimate discussion to threaten the “old school” steel and float industry.
Why Modular??
Going with a modular dock is really the best of both worlds, its cost effective but allows you room to expand in the future at your leisure. Short term verse longterm can be 1, 5, 10, or 20 years in the future. When it comes to modular docks the construction type is usually plastic. The molded style of the dock can be: injection molding, blow molding, or rotational molding.
How to select the best modular dock:
• Look at the company’s conception (origin).
Some modular docks have been around since the beginning of the modular dock game, i.e. EZ Dock established 1991. Other modular dock companies such as Wave Armor have been around since 2011. Knowing the track record and experiences of the dock manufacturer might give you a better indication or comfort level of whom to invest your hard earned money.(Boat Dock Origin)
• Check out the manufacturer’s warranty.
Read between the lines. When it comes to modular dock manufacturers we have noticed that factors such as dock location, dock user, and mooring intentions can affect how long, and if the warranty can be void. We warn heavily on checking out this, and considering it when selecting the docking product you want your family to enjoy for years to come. (Boat Dock Warranty)
• See the local installations.
Don’t be afraid to ask where the closest dock location that you can go see condition of the dock over a period of time. If the dock company is reputable they shouldn’t hesitate to want to share their masterpiece work. Our suggestion is the older installations, and the brand new installations are the best to visit for the modular docks. This gives you a great spectrum to see start to the future the expectation of the selected modular dock. (Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan)
Closing Thoughts:
Pricewise Modular Docks range from $15-30 per square foot. This includes Cube Docks, Connect-a -Docks, Ez-Dock, Wave Armor, Jet Dock, Accu-Dock, Modu-Dock, Instant Marine, Poly Dock, and Polka Docks. The biggest difference that separates each modular dock manufacturer is how the dock is engineered, and how the docks connect together.
The best connection will allow the dock to survive the longest and be in service to the customer well past expected life. I do know from experience the Ez Docks we design, supply, and install are rated for 60+ years if the anchoring and project system is rated properly.
If you have further questions on floating modular docks, feel free to reach out or stop by our office. Email is sales@deatonsdocks.com, phone is 317.747.4933, and address is 215 South Madison, Fortville, Indiana 46040.