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3 Family-Friendly Reasons to Build a Custom Boathouse

Not every waterfront can accommodate a boathouse, but for the right site, a custom boathouse can be an amazing upgrade. If you’re trying to decide whether a boathouse is right for your property, consider the following features and benefits. Building a custom boathouse is a great way to protect your boat and have even more fun around the water with friends and family!

Boathouse Benefits 101

Boat owners know that protecting their investment is key, both on the water and off. If you want to enjoy your boat for years to come, you need to take care of it. Boathouses are great because they serve as a convenient way to protect your boat from the elements. Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can do long-term damage to your watercraft. Keeping your boat away from heavy wind, and even hail, snow, and ice in winter are also smart reasons to get a boathouse installed. Yet all too often, people forget that these structures are more than a single-purpose facility.

A boathouse is so much more than just a way to protect your boat. Being able to think outside of the box and create a custom solution for your waterfront allows you to enjoy your space in a whole new way. Instead of looking at a new boathouse like a garage or “storage room” for your boat, it’s better to look at it as an extension of your dock. Utilizing a variety of features makes the structure practical and fun for the whole family—a lot like your boat itself!

Great Features for a Custom Boathouse

Boathouses that are custom-designed to your waterfront offer so many benefits. Your new waterfront structure shouldn’t just be a one-note feature. There are plenty of ways you can make it a new highlight for your recreation time. Consider these options for a new, custom boathouse that’s built to impress:

1. Enjoy Personalized Design

Like a custom dock, your new boathouse design should complement your existing features and surroundings. Being able to choose your materials to match your floating or stationary dock (or even your lake house) can make this upgrade even more special.

Your water depth and shoreline will impact how your boathouse functions, so be sure to work with an experienced waterfront company to build a structure that’s secure. Their boathouse designs and help with collecting permits will ensure your new build is a total success. You can consider adding a new dock surface to your boathouse or extension to your existing dock, too. Will you choose a more traditional, open-style design? Or do you want to go with something more versatile? Fully-enclosed structures let you look at your boathouse as an extension of your home that you can use year-round.

2. Add Entertainment Areas

Thinking of your new boathouse as a place for entertaining can help get even more mileage out of your design. Instead of looking at the boathouse as just a place to protect your boat, try to design a structure where you would like to hang out with family and friends. The upgrade can easily become the favorite spot for weekend barbecues, or a comfortable place to relax and watch the sunset.

Some new boathouse designs are doing great things with outdoor living areas. Much like your patio or deck, a boathouse can serve as a hang-out spot. Designs that incorporate multiple levels (like the image above) help you make the most of the space. Your boathouse can serve as a lounge area with extra seating on a sundeck. The upper deck is also great for parties and casual get-togethers. With enough space, you can even create closed rooms inside your boathouse to use for personal office space or additional storage.

3. Create Easy Access

As you review your designs, be sure to think about the whole family, and anyone else who might come to enjoy your waterfront down the road. Designs that utilize accessible features are a great investment because they make entering and exiting your boat easier for everyone. And if you have a small watercraft like a canoe or kayak, you might consider adding an EZ Launch to finish off your layout.

The necessary ramps and guardrails will help make your boathouse convenient for everyone to enjoy—no matter their ability. Paying attention to mobility issues will help everyone stay safe around the water. Custom docks and boathouses with these safety features already installed and up-to-code will help make your time worry-free and enjoyable for everyone.

Custom Boathouse Solutions with Deaton’s

Your waterfront is a source of pride. Anything added to your site should be carefully reviewed and installed with care. A custom boathouse can help you enhance everything you love about your property. It will quickly become a new source of entertainment—and a little peace and quiet. Deaton’s Waterfront Services is proud to consult with clients on their custom boathouse designs for long-term, permanent installs.

We’ll help you design the boathouse of your dreams and make sure it fits your property with the right permits. Please contact us to get started on your consultation. We’ll help you find the right features to make your boathouse one-of-a-kind for you and your family!