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Monthly Installation Profile: April 2018

As the snow started to melt this spring, business started to heat up! In preparation for the upcoming boating season, many customers were in the hunt for a new dock. After working with our skilled design team to create a dock that happily satisfied all the customer’s needs, it was time to put the new baby in the water!

Looking back onto the month of April, there were many exciting projects that were installed. While the weather was all over the place (Going from rain to snow to sunny and back in a week!), we committed to ensuring the customers were completely satisfied with the installation process. Here at Deaton’s Waterfront Services, we love working with customers to create the dock envisioned inside their mind and bring it to real life. Installing new docks and launches on lakes, reservoirs, and other bodies of water is our passion. We look at each installation as a work of art, and we are proud to create the masterpiece!

Jacobson Park Addition

Last July, Jacobson Park in Louisville, Kentucky decided they needed a new dock for their paddle-boats. As showcased in our top projects of 2017,  a new EZ Dock was installed with great success. The park loved it so much, they decided to add a ADA compliant kayak launch onto the dock made possible by the modularity of EZ Dock. With the new kayak launch, kayakers of all mobility are easily able to get in and out of a kayak without even touching the water!

NaCoMe EZ Dock Installation

In early April, NaCoMe Camp & Retreat Center in Pleasantville, Tennessee decided to add an EZ Dock system complete with a slide! Slides are a rarity at Deaton’s Waterfront Services, but the campers are sure to enjoy the waterfront fun this summer! The system is compact and sleek, but perfectly fulfills the needs of the park.

Versailles State Park Installation


The last featured installation of April, Versailles State Park in Versailles, Indiana decided on a new EZ Dock installation. Complete with an EZ Kayak Launch, the system is designed to help guests of the park easily access the water. The Low-pro dock section remains close to the water, but allows kayakers to stay completely dry throughout the launching process.

Installations are just a fun part of our job. If you are interested in a new dock system, or require any other waterfront services, contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services at (317) 747-4933. We proudly serve many states including Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri. We look forward to guiding you through the installation process and getting you out on the water!