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Safe Social Distancing During Dock Repairs

We are currently in the middle of a huge global health crisis due to COVID-19. It has impacted so much in the world during the fight to prevent further spread. Things we take for granted such as sports, movies, and grooming services aren’t able to operate at the moment, but thankfully Deaton’s Waterfront Services is an essential operation to ensure that waterfronts are still maintained and operating. During these troubling times, we have had to make changes to the way we are able to perform our business, including implementing social distancing practices while we are installing or repairing equipment. Today we are going to talk about the steps we are taking to ensure that we don’t put anyone at risk.

Social Distancing Practices at Deaton’s

Our Office:

The first steps we have taken to ensure that everyone is maintaining a safe social distance include changes we have made to our office. To start, we are currently not allowing walk-in appointments. If you would like to set up an appointment, feel free to give our office a call at (317)747-4933. We are enforcing that anyone that does enter our office maintain a 6 FT distance as recommended by the CDC. Our Shipping and Receiving departments are still fully operational, but everything must still be scheduled during these times. Payments may be made over the phone. Any questions regarding payment arrangements may be referred to our office.

We are taking our exposure to the virus very seriously by sanitizing our workstations and surface areas. Our employees are operating without exposure to the virus, and if they display any symptoms are being told to stay home. We are also limiting our exposure to clients possibly infected, so if you have been in contact with the virus please do not contact us.

On The Water:

We are trying to ensure that our face-to-face interactions with our customers is minimal. During this time, we are using Zoom to digitally meet with our customers. We recommend that anyone seeking repairs take plenty of pictures of the area that will be inspected. We will inform you of when we will have a crew there, and try to arrange contact information with the people that will be performing work on your equipment and you. The key thing we ask people is to please maintain a 6 FT distance between you and our employees. We wouldn’t want to risk the health of anyone during this time.

During these times, it’s still great to get out on the water and relax. However the time for huge docks parties, or party boats is not now. We ask that everyone maintain healthy social distancing guidelines while they are performing any outdoor activities.

If you are in need of any emergency repairs, feel free to request a quote, or give our office a call at (317)747-4933. We will have someone get in touch with you to come for a free inspection. As always, we hope everyone stays safe and hope to see you all out on the water!