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The Best Waterfront Features for Parks and Camps

Summer is almost upon us once again, so it’s time to get the waterfront ready for all the fun! People love to escape the hot summer heat by heading to the their local public waterfront, and kids love to do the same at their local summer camps. Some waterfront owners may find that they are lacking in traffic, and are searching for ways to improve the fun. Well look no further! Today, we are going to be looking at features that can be added to increase the entertainment on the water.

The Best Features For A Waterfront

1. Swim Platform

One of the most common features at summer camps and parks is a platform for swimming. A swim platform allows for easy access in and out of the water, and it can be at any location out in the water. Easy access to cool water will increase the swimming traffic at your waterfront.

EZ Dock can be configured to make a great swimming platform. With it’s modular design and durable polyethylene construction any shape or size of swim platform is possible, and you’ll never have to worry about splintering or rotting. Accessories such as slides and ladders are easy to add-on, increasing the fun even more!

2. Kayak Launch

Another popular activity on the water is kayaking/canoeing. Getting in a small water vehicle and paddling is a great way to exercise in a relaxing and cool setting. EZ Dock produces two different types of kayak launches to help people get in and out of the water with ease. Kayakers will not have to worry about accessing the water and having their kayak fly out from under their feet by being kept in a steady position while they sit down into their small boat. Then they can simply use the built in rails to launch themselves into the water, all without getting wet if they desire!

A key benefit to kayaking is it allows people with disabilities to access the water. EZ Dock’s kayak launches can be built to fit all ADA requirements to give those with disabilities access to a safe area to launch their kayak.

3. Fishing Pier

Another great aspect of the water is the relaxing sport of fishing. People will look to escape the stress of their work week by going to their local fishing spot, and having a fishing pier on your waterfront is a great way to make sure they head your way! A fishing pier can be great for the type to like to sit on on a dock and enjoy the view as well.

Many great fishing piers have been built with EZ Dock. It allows for fishing pier designs to be shaped into however they want due to their modularity, so anything from a standard T-shape design to an open inner fishing area is possible. EZ Dock has many accessories to help improve the quality of life for the fisherman including benches, railings that hold poles, and fish cleaning stations. They can even be equipped with dock boxes for storage of waterfront supplies like life jackets or floaties.

Deaton’s Waterfront Services Can Help

The water can be one of the hottest attractions of the summer if it has the right features to make the most out of it. Fortunately, the experts at Deaton’s Waterfront Services have over 35 years of experience in transforming waterfronts. We know how to improve your waterfront,  because we have done it to so many across the Midwest over the years. If you are interested in adding a new feature to your waterfront, feel free to request a quote here on our website, or give our office a call at (317) 747-4933.