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Boathouses 101: Why You Should Aim for the Very Best

If you own property on the water, you probably want the best marine equipment to help increase your property’s value and keep your boat safe and secure. While having a boat dock and lift will certainly increase the value of your home and keep your boat safe, it isn’t the best method of protection. The best style of dock you can own to increase your waterfront value is a boathouse.

Why You Should Buy A Boathouse

There are two main reasons to own a boathouse: they keep your boat safe and secure and they increase the value of your waterfront. A boathouse is usually a house built on top of a dock with a built-in boat lift. They are much more secure than a standard boat lift due to the coverings all around the boat protecting it from weather damage. Boathouses will increase the value of your waterfront property by adding more visual appeal and amenities.

Boathouses: Keeping Your Boat Safe and Secure

A boathouse is for a true water enthusiast. It is meant for someone that is going to be spending a lot of time out on the water, and needs a place to house their boat for safety and storage.  A big reason to build a boathouse is to save on slip rental fees and boat storage fees during the winter. Once you’re able to store your boat inside in a dry environment, you won’t have very many worries about your the safety and storage of it.

Increasing the Value of Your Property with a Boathouse

Owning a boathouse is more than just owning a covered slip, a boathouse is it’s own house on the water!  While a boathouse is more expensive than a dock, it’s an investment that will eventually pay itself off.  You can stylize your boathouse to match the style of your home to make a beautiful waterfront property. They can be equipped with a bar, kitchen, entertainment, or even living quarters. Once you’ve stepped inside one, you’ll realize why everyone wishes that had switched from a dock to a boathouse sooner!

If you’re interested in building a new boathouse, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (317) 747-4933. Our expert team will work with you to determine your needs to design the best boathouse possible. As always, stay safe on the water!