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Kayak Launch

National Marine Manufacturers Association Honors EZ Dock Kayak Launch with 2017 Innovation Award!!

EZ Dock

Company’s Revolutionary Kayak Launch earns the Docking and Fendering Equipment Category award

EZ Dock earned a coveted Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show as voted on by Boating Writers International. The new EZ Kayak Launch was recognized for innovation in the docking category for its unique design for helping novice and experienced kayakers get in and out of their vessel without getting their feet wet. NMMA honored EZ Dock with this award as one of just 19 winners out of 63 evaluated products.

“The EZ Kayak Launch is a beautifully simple idea creating access to paddle sports for all ages and experience levels,” said one of the judges. Ken Schober, VP of Sales for EZ Dock, added “We’re thrilled to receive recognition for this product. Much of our success as a company has been through our collaboration with our sales network on innovation and design, and this award proves that to be a winning formula.”

The patent pending EZ Kayak Launch was designed from the ground up to provide a new level of stability, security and simplicity for kayaks and canoes. This port features innovative built-in hand holds to help effortlessly pull yourself onto the port or push yourself into the water via the entries/exits on either side of the port. Its one-piece construction, integrated paddle notches and v-shaped entry make launching and docking safe, easy and dry – even as water levels change.

Seamless Integration

The EZ Kayak Launch integrates easily into both EZ Dock products and current launch setups. From old wooden docks to floating structures. The EZ Kayak Launch can connect to virtually any existing dock, regardless of its material or mooring. To learn more about the EZ Kayak Launch and to see this innovative product in action, please visit: https://www.ez-dock.com/ez-kayak-launch/.
About EZ Dock:

Manufactured in Monett, MO, and part of PlayPower, Incoporated;  EZ Dock is a manufacturer of rotationally molded dock and port products for the marine industry. Founded in 1991, EZ Dock strives to be the best investment you will make for your waterfront property. Combining strength and stability with light weight and low maintenance. The patented designs have applications in commercial marine, residential and industrial markets.