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Design Ez Dock Kayak Launch

ADA Compliance: Making Waterfronts Handicap Accessible

Getting out on the water and enjoying a nice summer day is a privilege that we can all enjoy. However, for people with physical disabilities this can be quite the challenge.  The process of launching a kayak or small canoe in the water can be quite difficult for the physically disabled, but with EZ Dock the process is made much simpler!

EZ Launch System

The EZ Launch system is designed to be completely ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, requires no discrimination against people with physical disabilities. People using wheelchairs, or others with disabilities have the right to be able to easily access the waterfront. With the EZ Launch, the installation process is finely tuned to make sure the launch meets the minimum ADA requirements.

  • The installation process begins by taking two EZ Port 2s and connecting them together in-line.
  • The rollers designed for PWCs are then removed and PVC sleeved pipe replace them allowing for easier sliding for kayaks and canoes.
  • Guiding rails are then installed onto the launch to allowing a kayaker to grasp to pull their-self on and off the launch.
  • Security curbing is placed along the perimeter of the dock connecting to the launch to prevent slips or falls off the dock. The curbing is tall enough that a wheelchair can’t run over the edge.
  • A bench with two different heights is used to slide and attach to the sign, allowing for easy transfer onto the kayak.

The complete system, from the gangway to the launch, is fully ADA compliant. A physically disabled person is able to bring their kayak and launch without ever getting wet. That’s the magic of EZ Launch!

Additional Information

Deaton’s Waterfront Services over the past year has proudly worked with local governments and agencies to provide ADA compliant EZ Launches to public parks, reservoirs, and rivers. We have proudly installed in several states including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois.

If you are interested in public access points for EZ Launch, check out the first launch installed in Indiana, visit the NCA website about information for EZ Launch, or check out Cicero, Indiana‘s new kayak launch at Red Bridge Park!

For more information about EZ Launch systems or ADA compliancy please contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services, or give us a call at (317)747-4933.