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The Top 5 Signs To Replace Your Dock

Replacing your dock is never an easy decision to come to. Hearing that your dock will need replaced is like giving it a death sentence. Everyone knows it is much cheaper to repair a dock rather than replace it. There are many cases where a dock can be repaired, but sometimes docks are simply too old and aren’t repairable. Fortunately, modern boat docks are built with the latest techniques to see that they’ll last for decades. Today, we’ll look at the symptoms that your dock isn’t repairable and will need replaced.

When Is It Time to Replace My Dock?

1. Rusted Frames/Supports

For metal docks such as floating or stationary, rust can be a big issue over time. Small holes and cracks in the frame can always be repaired, but when large portions start to rust and break it means there is not much life left. Supports such as pipe driven into the ground can also rust and give out over time, which is also fatal in stationary docks.

2. Warped Frames

Heavy waves and currents can create pressure that will twist and bend frames over time to cause a major warp. Collisions will also warp your frames, and can be caused by boat accidents or large pieces of debris. In cold-weather climates, stationary docks also face a problem with warping. As ice thaws, sometimes the land will shift causing the support beams driven into the ground to also move.

3. Rotten Wood

If your dock is constructed out of wood, once it starts to splinter and rot it is time to replace the dock. While docks with wood decking can simply replace the decking, docks built with wooden frames and supports suffer structure damage once they start to rot.

4. Refurbishing Too Costly

Once a dock gets so old that all the floats need replaced and the entire decking needs redone, it may be a better financial decision to simply replace the dock. While in the short term it may seem less costly, but at some point the frames will wear out which could be sooner than later. So it makes more sense in the long term to replace the dock and worry less about maintenance.

5. Foundation Damage

On fishing piers and boathouses that require a concrete foundation, it is important to regularly inspect the foundation for cracks and damage. Once the pilings start to give out, they are no longer safe to support the dock.

High Quality Docks From Deaton’s Waterfront Services

When the diagnosis has been made that it’s time to replace your dock, Deaton’s Waterfront Service’s has the team of experts that will gladly assist you in designing a high quality dock that perfectly fits your needs. Our docks are built to last using the latest marine construction techniques. If you are interested in replacing your dock, or need our experts to come out for an inspection feel free to contact us or give our office a call at (317) 747-4933.

Boat Show 2020 Season: Tips and Tricks

Visiting a boat show is a great way to keep up to date with the latest waterfront innovations. You’ll be able to see new products in person, chat with experts, and get an idea on what your next move on the water might be. Boat shows can be overwhelming to newcomers however. Today we are going to visit what a typical trip to a boat show will look like, so there won’t be any surprises!

Planning Before Going to a Boat Show

If you’re interested in going to a boat show, first look online to see when one will be in your area. Once you’ve decided which show you’re going to attend you need to see what the cost of admission will be. Some shows may have free admission, but most are going to charge for tickets. There may however be a promotion or giveaway going on around the local area, such as discounted tickets or radio promotions, so be sure to look out for those.

Some shows may have websites that post schedules, events, and maps that will give you an idea of what it will look like before attending. For example, in Indianapolis you can visit the Indy Boat, Sport, & Travel Show website to see all kinds of information.

Arriving at the Boat Show

When visiting a boat show, the first tip is to get a map of all the vendors and exhibits. You’ll be able to see where the vendors that might fit your needs such as new boats, accessories, docks, and more are located and head there. This will help save time if you’re on a mission, but you might want to take the chance to browse all around to see anything that might catch your eye.

One tip to remember before you arrive is to bring something to carry stuff in such as a bag or folder. You’ll be given lots of promotional material, flyers, foldables, and catalogs. You’ll also likely receive a lot of free merchandise such as pens, key chains, drink koozies, and more.

Visiting a Vendor Booth

When visiting a vendor’s booth, such as Deaton’s Waterfront Services’, look for brochures, handouts, or free merchandise to grab. If you see something that you like, ask the person representing the booth questions about the product. For example, when customers visit our booth they typically want to know what lift will be best for their boat, or more information about one of our EZ Dock products.

One thing to keep in mind while in the booth is to take time to decide what you want. A sales rep is going to try and get you to commit right there, which could lead to regret over your decision once the product doesn’t fit your exact needs. Take information home with you to read and decide what is best for you. Even if the show is ending soon, there’s usually a phone number or business card for you to be able to get in touch with the person selling the product your interested in.

Final Advice for Boat Shows

Going to a boat show can be made easy with the right tips and tricks. They are a great way to learn more about products you’re interested in. Another good thing about boat shows is being able to see the product in person. The key things to remember while at a boat show is to ask questions, get the proper informational material, and don’t make irrational decisions.

Deaton’s Waterfront Services exhibits at several boat shows across the Midwest. Keep an eye out on our events page or our Facebook to see when we’ll be in your area next. If you are interested in any of our products, or have questions regarding our upcoming boat show season feel free to give us a call at (317)747-4933 or contact us using our online form.

The Effects Weather Can Have On A Dock

Winter weather is known by many as a dock’s worst enemy. Harsh weather can have catastrophic effects on a dock such as rusted frames, rotten/destroyed decking, broken bolts, and more. Deaton’s Waterfront Services is luckily here to inform all about the negative effects weather will have on a dock, and ways to prevent them.

Factors of Weather That Affect Docks

There are several factors to take into consideration when a new dock is in the design phase. While it is easy to move quickly in the short term of getting a new dock, it could end up becoming very costly long term. Thankfully the experts at Deaton’s have 30 years of experience, and are trained to account for factors such as:

  • Wind Load
  • Snow Load
  • Earth Shifting
  • Sink Holes
  • Ice
  • Temperature
  • Water Fluctuation

These factors should not only be considered for just the dock, but also for any accessories that may go along with it. This includes lifts, PWC ports, launches, slides, ladders, and more. The team at Deaton’s Waterfront Services is equipped to ensure a worry-free installation. This includes anything related to the waterfront: docks, walls, and lifts. Now let’s take a look at how the weather will impact the different types of docks.

Weather Effects on a Floating Dock

Floating docks are better equipped to handle rougher weather, but not by much. The key difference between the two docks’ reaction to weather is that a floating dock will fluctuate with water.  A floating dock is just as susceptible to rotten decking and rusted frames as a stationary dock is. The ways to combat harsh weather in a floating dock is all in the quality of the build. A hot-dipped galvanized steel dock with a weather-resistant decking and thick-shelled floats will handle rough weather a lot better than a wooden dock with cheap floats.

Any floating dock will have a maximum weight capacity. The maximum weight that can be carried or supported will be rated by the buoyancy that is underneath the frame and decking. Typically we like to see at least a buoyancy of #25-95 pounds of live load per square foot. Live load is the optimal buoyancy you can maintain across the square footage of your floating platform that’s on the water. The floats are the largest factor you need to consider, most flotation over time will develop lack of optimal buoyancy. This contributes to the dock losing freeboard. “Freeboard “is the measurement from the water line to the top of the dock. Measured freeboard of a floating boat dock depends on the usage, or watercraft that will be using it. Typical freeboard is from 5”- 40”, Deaton’s Waterfront Services can help you measure the recommended proper freeboard.

Weather Effects on a Stationary Dock

Stationary dock structures are anchored by having poles, pilings, or supports being driven or anchored into the bottom of the lake bottom. This is a nice and stable way for installation that creates a solid platform. The biggest worry to this dock is ice / landshift. If the anchors or pilings settle or get shifted with ice or land movement this will cause the dock to be unlevel, and dangerous to use. There are ways to combat this by using bubblers, water attenuators, or have shoreline stabilization installed. A lot of this can be overcome by doing some core samplings of the soil, and making sure to take the necessary measures.

If the weather affects your dock in any way, or you are interested in designing a new dock feel free to request a quote from us. Our team at Deaton’s Waterfront Services will be happy to help. Give us a call at (317) 747-4933 or stop by our office located at 215 S. Madison St, Fortville, IN 46040.

Our Favorite Community Dock Projects of 2018

As we get into another year, we like to look back on past success. We completed a lot of waterfront projects in 2018, but a couple stand out. Our two favorite public dock projects are unique because they each have special features that make them a “first” for the state of Indiana.

Because both of these Indiana docks are on public sites, you can go check them out for yourself. They’ll be sure to get a lot of traffic in the years ahead. We’re always honored to help with community dock projects. These two installations are definitely great park additions!

Cicero Kayak Launch on Morse Lake

Deaton’s Waterfront Services had the privilege of working on a new kayak launch located in Cicero, Indiana on Morse Lake in the first half of 2018. Located in Charlie’s Landing inside Red Bridge Park, the kayak launch is now a major focal point and an extremely popular attraction for the area. We celebrated the ribbon cutting on June 20, 2018 with over 300 people in attendance, including politicians and dignitaries from the surrounding area.

Red Bridge Park

697 W Jackson Street

Cicero, IN 46034

This public dock kayak launch was made possible through a grant process guided by Cicero Park Director Charlie Cambre, along with donations from numerous Cicero Park enthusiasts. It’s always nice to involve the community with these park upgrades.

What makes this project unique is that it’s the very first ADA kayak launch in all of Central Indiana. Special features make it safe and convenient for visitors of all abilities. The gangway that leads to the main dock measures 5’ x 32’ and has aluminum railing on both sides of the walkway. The gangway leading to the floating dock portion also has plenty of room for users. Multiple paddlers can now access the launch simultaneously.

With a 15’ x 20’ area and two accessible kayak/canoe launches, this is a new must-see destination for paddling enthusiasts, as well as first-time kayakers and canoers.

Laporte EZ Trail System on Little Calumet River

Our other favorite project of 2018 was an EZ Trail System for Red Mill County Park, located on the Little Calumet River in LaPorte, Indiana. Deaton’s Waterfront Services was hired to connect the Cattail Loop Trail with the Nature Preserve Trail. This new floating walkway is now called the Margaret Buerger Bridge.

Red Mill County Park

0185 South Holmesville Road

LaPorte, IN 46350

This EZ Trail System was also made possible through a grant. LaPorte County Parks Director Jeremy Sobecki worked to guide the application process. The result is something that the entire community can be proud of!

We are especially proud of this public dock project because it’s the very first floating observation walkway in Indiana. The environmentally-friendly structure allows the wetlands water to fluctuate during every season. So even though the water levels are different in the spring/summer to the fall/winter, the walkway will be able to rise and fall without disrupting the habitat.

The floating trail is 80” wide and stretches 240’ in length. Railing was installed on both sides. There are also benches on either side so visitors can stop to enjoy the views.

Got a Floating Dock Question? We Can Help!

Moving forward with a new dock for your public dock, local park, or commercial site can be a big undertaking. But at Deaton’s Waterfront Services, we’re here to simplify the process. From the initial consultation and design stage, right through the installation and until opening day, our team can help make your new dock project a success.

If you’d like to learn more about our process, be sure to send us a message or call our office at (317) 747-4933. We’re always happy to talk through your options, and we work all throughout Indiana and the surrounding states. Let’s talk!

How We Work: Deaton’s Waterfront Services

We want every client to have a positive experience working with the Deaton’s Waterfront Services team. Whether you’re contacting us about repairs to your floating dock, need a new seawall installed, or you have questions about your boat lift, our crew is here to help. In this post, we’re reviewing some of the features that set our crew apart. No matter what type of project you need, we like to follow these guiding principles in our work.

Great Communication

Solid communication goes both ways in any relationship. That’s why our team works hard to listen to all of our clients. Every project takes our full concentration, and we’re proud to be able to supply great results. Our years of experience and commitment to good communication (and great listening skills) help make that possible.

That being said, it’s always helpful when clients let us know their hopes and concerns for a new waterfront project. We like to understand what questions you have early on, so we can do everything in our power to alleviate your concerns and meet your expectations. It’s also worthwhile to know other details ahead of time. For example, telling us that you have a dog on the property can be useful if we’re coming out to do a waterfront site evaluation. Good communication also means we’ll also work to update you along the way for our own progress. This type of reciprocity helps make your next project a success.

Video Consultations

We try to be flexible in how we consult with clients. Since it can sometimes be challenging to find a good time to meet in person, we like to make video consultations available for clients. Whether you want to talk about your Indiana dock or you’re located elsewhere in our service area (including Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, or Missouri), we’re always happy to schedule a video chat with you to discuss your project needs.

Our clients appreciate this option for their design and repair consultations because it gives them information faster. Sometimes, repairs are relatively minor. Knowing what you’re facing before we come for an onsite visit can help you plan accordingly and give you a little more time to make a final decision. It’s easy to get the input your need with a video call. That’s why we like to encourage all of our residential, commercial, and government waterfront services clients to consider this option whenever it makes sense. We’re happy to work with you in whatever way works best!

Accurate Designs

Striving for top-of-the-line service is always one of our goals. Usually, this starts in the design phase. Covering all of the necessary details before the physical project begins helps keep our projects on-time. Plus, it helps makes the entire process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, Deaton’s Waterfront Services aims to provide quality at every step of your project. From boat docks to boat houses, we like to offer clients clear designs to make sure all of your needs are met. This is just as important for residential dock projects as it is for our larger commercial and municipal waterfront assignments. When we can agree on a set design before we bring materials out to your site, it’s easier for us to avoid unnecessary delays and confusion. Our clients appreciate this attention to detail, and we know you will, too!

If you’re ready to continue the conversation of how Deaton’s Waterfront Services can help with your next project, please send us a message. We’d be happy to discuss your design options, repairs, or installation during a video call or onsite visit. Or, give us a call at (317) 747-4933 to learn more!

Shoreline Stabilization

Shoreline Stabilization

Creating a shoreline stabilization sounds super easy? Right.
However it can be extremely labor intensive and require specialty equipment. Special heavy duty equipment can be brought in to reinforce the embankment. This can be established by installing steel sheet piling along the exposed area, or providing a layer of protection with rip rap.
Depending on the body of water and location, it could come down to the lake authority for the permitting to make sure the proposed solution will be in compliance with the waterfront regulations.

“What’s to gain from Shoreline Stabilization?”

There is a lot to gain from Shoreline Stabilization. Throughout the entire United States waterfront property is always more expensive per acre in comparison to property with zero waterfrontage. Therefore erosion control is protecting your investment. No more loss of property due to erosion.

Erosion of a shoreline can happen from numerous aspects most commonly from waves crashing into the shoreline, as this occurs it begins to undermine the foundation of the shoreline. Thus causing the bank to not be stable. When a bank is unstable its not safe and unusable.

There are several different ways to “shore” up a shoreline. The two most common ways that Deaton’s Waterfront Services suggests is to utilize rip rap limestone, or steel sheet piling.

The rip rap method consists of using 3-5” large size rocks to completely cover the exposed areas on the shoreline. Doing this allows the waves to physically break on the rocks and not be able to come in contact with the bank. This allows for a short-term solution to any waterfront owners shoreline stabilization. This method can last 2-5 seasons depending on the grade and the wave volume.

The steel sheet piling method consists of using a 7 gauge engineered panel that comes in lengths of 24”. We will install this panel using the 50/50 formula. This accounts for however much panel is out of the lake bed will need to have that much into the lake bed. For instance a 12’ seawall panel will need to be installed at least 6’ into the bottom of the lake bed. Then after installing the enforcements, and top cap you will have a lifelong solution for your erosion control.

Be sure to call Deaton’s Waterfront Services if you would like any more information pertaining to design, permitting, or estimates on erosion control. Our email is, and phone number is 317.747.4933. By: _RUN_PMD_


Sea Walls


Deaton’s Waterfront Services Employee Outlook

For over 35 years, the professionals at Deaton’s Waterfront Services have been committed to servicing our customers. Servicing many states such as Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri, our employees are well equipped with the proper knowledge and training it takes to become experts on boat docks, seawalls, and boat lifts. Today we are going to look at the many faces of our company, and provide a background on what makes us special.

Deaton’s Waterfront Services Employees

Paul Deaton

Paul Deaton has over 35 years in the marine service industry, and believes the key to running a successful boat dock business is to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Paul takes pride in keeping our customers informed to make sure they know what they’re getting. He specializes in boat docks, dock repairs, seawall installation, and much more! From running the overhead to making sure all of our many jobs get done, there is no better leader than Paul!

Sandra Deaton

Since the beginning, Sandra has worked behind the scenes to ensure our business is run properly. From handling all accounting and shipping information to making sure each customer is satisfied with their purchase, Sandra does it all!

Mike Deaton

With 15 years of experience, Mike Deaton knows it all about boat docks. Specializing in sales, Mike goes out of his way to make sure our customers are satisfied. He provides all inquiries from our customers with information about boat docks, boat lifts, jet-ski lifts, seawalls, dock rentals, and EZ Dock.

Chris Owens

As stated earlier, keeping our customers satisfied is the key to running our business. Chris specializes in customer service, answering customer’s questions about boat docks, dock repairs, lift repairs, EZ Dock products, boat lifts, seawalls, canopies, and much more!

Jeff McCarty

Jeff is a seasoned veteran staffer with over 25 years of experience. His crews on Morse Reservoir and Geist Reservior specialize in dock and lift repairs, installations, and any other maintenance needed. Jeff has seen it all and done it all, so he makes sure to get it right the first time!

Ryan Uhrick

Ryan has 5 years of experience, and it really shows! He specializes in design, repairs, and installations, with a plethora of knowledge about all waterfront services. If you’re looking to design a new dock or want to know more about a boat lift, Ryan is your guy.

Jamie Callais

Jamie is another veteran staffer, with over 15 years of experience. His crews that roam around Morse Reservior, Geist Reservior, and Eagle Creek specialize in dock and lift repairs, installations, and any other maintenance needed. Jamie leaves all of his customers informed and satisfied, making sure their experience is a great one!

Blaine Deaton

The one and only, Blaine specializes in our company’s IT department. From implementing new website features to writing informational blogs, Blaine knows it all about technology. His knowledge isn’t limited to computers though, with 2 years of experience installing boat docks, boat lifts, jet-ski lifts, EZ Dock, and much more!

Our staff is very important to us, because they enable us to satisfy and take care of our customers. Deaton’s Waterfront Services creates an environment to grow experts, and we seek to pass this information on to our customers. Whether you’re in Indiana on Morse Reservoir, Geist Reservior, or Eagle Creek, or in another state such as Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, or Missouri we want to be able to provide you the information you need about boat docks, boat lifts, seawalls, EZ Dock, and dock repairs. For more information, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (317)747-4933. – BD

Choosing the Right Custom Dock for You

Picking the right dock for your needs can be challenging. There are several factors that come into play when designing the setup of a new custom dock such as water depth, fluctuation, space, and maintenance. Deaton’s Waterfront Services offers free consultation with our experts’ opinions on the perfect dock for you. To better your knowledge on the dock that might be best for you, let’s look at the many different types of custom docks.

Types of Custom Docks

With new technology constantly being developed, there are several types of docks that each have unique characteristics best suited for your needs.  Deaton’s Waterfront specializes in four different dock styles: floating, stationary, EZ-Dock, and boathouses.

Floating Docks

Floating docks are great for water that is over 10′ deep. With multiple decking options such as wood, concrete, and Thru-Flow, floating docks provide a low-maintenance experience great for water with a lot of fluctuation. Geist and Morse Reservoir both have a lot of fluctuation, so floating docks are the best choice. Worried about becoming sea-sick  due to the fluctuation? With many decking and anchoring options, you won’t even be able to tell that you’re standing on a dock!

Stationary Docks

Stationary docks are best suited for water bodies with less than 10′ of depth. With minimal water fluctuation, stationary docks provide a stable walkway to enjoy all of you waterfront activities! Stationary docks are common in Northern Indiana due to the waters not fluctuation as often.


Boathouses are a type of stationary dock that come custom-built with a roof to protect your watercraft. Boathouse are a great permanent solution if you intend to stay settled! Our most recent boathouse, the Griggs boathouse designed for the Columbus, OH Police Department, features many amenities to best serve our boys in blue!


Deaton’s Waterfront Services offers free consultation for your dock needs. We will work with you to decide what’s best for you to help get you and your family on the lake for all your fun activities! For more information, contact us at (317) 747-4933, or email  -BD

Why to Plan Your Waterfront Projects in Winter

For a lot of boating enthusiasts and waterfront property owners, the wintertime can’t be over soon enough! But you don’t have to be at a total standstill while you wait for the warm weather. There’s plenty of work to be done for your new dock in the off-season.

Waterfront Projects in Winter

One of the great things about winter is that you have actually have time to think through any projects you want to take on in the new year. Assuming your fall dock maintenance or dock winterization went well, now is the time to start considering other upgrades. What exactly will you want to add to your waterfront when spring rolls around?

A smart way to get ideas for your new dock design is to check out the upcoming boat shows in your area. These events provide a fun outlet to explore your interests in more detail. You can plan to attend a local show, or even make arrangements to visit an out-of-state event. Either way, it’s nice to be able to see what updates the industry has to offer before you get back on the water.

For example, you might want to add a kayak launch to your dock. Or you may want to install a floating platform for your family to enjoy in the summer. Being able to meet with a waterfront services company in person can be a great help. It allows you to compare dock materials ahead of time so you can find the right equipment for your budget and needs.

Professional Dock Design

New dock builds, repairs, and additions often benefit from having an experienced team. Deciding what type of dock is best for your property can be complicated enough, but you also need to consider the different styles of decking.

The dock design process can seem overwhelming if you go at it alone. With so many factors to consider, it’s often necessary to have a professional waterfront services team to guide you through each step. Your location and water depth will impact some of the most important design choices. Yet, you’ll also need to consider your dock’s end-goal.  Buying a larger boat or wanting to add a boat house or a boat lift can change the entire layout. You might need to utilize your waterfront differently down the road.

In those cases, a modular dock design can be a real asset. These systems are great for new floating docks. Talking with a professional dock company can help you identify the pieces you need now, without limiting your options for future upgrades. That’s one of the reasons why we like working with EZ Dock systems so much!

Year-Round Service with Deaton’s

Deaton’s Waterfront Services is proud to provide design consultations year-round to help with your next projects. Our experience with wood, composite, aluminum, and thru-flow materials can help you create the perfect dock—whether that’s a custom floating dock or a stationary setup. We do it all, from private residential docks, to commercial dock systems of all sizes.

If you have any questions about designing your new dock, or making plans to install additions to your dock in the spring, please don’t hesitate to reach out. At Deaton’s Waterfront Services, we’re always eager to hear from you, and winter is a great time to start planning your projects. Contact us early to make sure you’ll be ready for the next season!

Our Top Commercial Waterfront Projects from 2017

As we get ready to wrap up the year, it’s only natural to reflect on how our company has grown. In 2017, Deaton’s Waterfront Services was proud to work on a variety of commercial dock projects. From new floating docks, to kayak launches and boat houses—we love helping making your waterfront experience better than ever.

Working with state parks, government groups, and other commercial clients is a big part of what we do at Deaton’s. Take a look at some of this year’s highlights to get an idea of what our crew is capable of creating for both residential and commercial waterfronts!

1. Paddle Dock at Jacobson Park

The marina at Jacobson Park in Lexington, Kentucky needed a waterfront upgrade, and we were happy to help. Their new floating dock now gives park-goers easy access to their paddle boat rentals. It’s a relatively simple project, but adds great value to their marina.

Although the boat dock is now closed for the season, Jacobson Park is sure to get some great use out of this setup in 2018. A sturdy EZ Dock system was just what this park needed.

2. Boat House at Griggs Reservoir

Building a custom boat house gives commercial waterfronts total control over their setup. We recently teamed up with the Columbus Police Department in Ohio to construct a boat house. The finished project now keeps their gear protected and meets all their needs.

We traveled over to Griggs Reservoir in Columbus, Ohio for the job. Once we assembled the dock, uprights, and purlins, the rest of the construction for this boat house was smooth sailing.

3. Floating Dock at Crab Orchard

Some floating docks are easier to install than others. But this large community dock definitely needed a team effort. Managing the many sections of this commercial dock was a fun challenge for us! The end result is a strong, stable structure—even with its large surface area.

The Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge stretches across nearly 44,000 acres in southern Illinois. We were honored to complete this dock over in Carbondale.

4. Kayak Launch at Cowan Lake State Park

This summer we also took a trip to Wilmington, Ohio. Cowan Lake State Park needed a kayak launch for their park visitors and outdoor enthusiasts. We knew that they would love the new EZ Dock kayak launch. The completed install looks great on their waterfront.

Getting out of the water is breeze with this setup. The floating dock and kayak launch have a low-profile to make the site even more accessible and user-friendly.

Commercial Waterfront Services

Making plans for a new and secure commercial dock system can be complicated. But you should never compromise safety. The right equipment for your waterfront can help everyone have a good time. Match that with an experienced team for the install, and you’ll have a winning setup that will last for years to come.

If your commercial site needs a new dock or boat launch, contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services. Our team is proud to serve clients throughout Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. For commercial dock systems big and small, you can count on us!