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Discover the Perfect Pond Dock with Deaton’s Waterfront Services

Ponds, whether natural or man-made, provide a serene escape and enhance the aesthetic beauty of a property. And what better way to enjoy this tranquil water feature than with a perfectly suited pond dock? At Deaton’s Waterfront Services, we understand that every pond is unique. That’s why we offer a versatile range of pond dock solutions tailored to your specific needs. Dive in with us as we explore three standout dock types for ponds and their inherent benefits.

1. Stationary Pond Dock by Great Lakes Dock:

For those who desire a classic and sturdy setup, the stationary docks provided by Great Lakes Dock are second to none. These docks stand firmly on legs, providing a stable platform regardless of water level fluctuations. Perfect for ponds with consistent depths, they offer a timeless look and a durable design that can withstand the elements.


  • Robust and stable structure.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Suitable for consistent water depths.

2. Custom Floating Pond Dock by Deaton’s Waterfront Services:

Floating docks rise and fall with the water level, making them an excellent choice for ponds that experience varying water depths. Our team at Deaton’s offers custom designs to ensure your floating dock complements the natural beauty of your pond while meeting functional requirements.


  • Adaptable to changing water levels.
  • Customized design to fit the unique aesthetics and needs of your pond.
  • Seamless integration with the pond’s surroundings.

3. EZ Dock Modular System:

Flexibility is the name of the game with the EZ Dock Modular System. Not only can this dock adjust to different water levels, but its modular design allows for easy customization and expansion. What’s more, for those with wetland areas, the EZ Dock can be effortlessly transformed into an EZ Trail, providing a stable and eco-friendly pathway through marshy grounds.


  • Highly customizable and expandable.
  • Adapts to fluctuating water levels.
  • Dual functionality: serves as a dock and can convert into a wetland trail.
  • Environmentally conscious solution for wetland areas, reducing foot traffic impact.


In conclusion, a pond, no matter its size, deserves the right dock to elevate the experience it offers. From stationary to custom floating, to the innovative modular systems, Deaton’s Waterfront Services is committed to ensuring you find the perfect match for your pond. Dive into the world of choices with us and witness how the right dock can transform your pond into an oasis of recreation and relaxation. If you are interested in a pond dock and would like to learn more, contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services today or give us a call at (317) 747-4933.

Accessibility and ADA-Compliant Docks at Public Waterfronts

If you have a community boat dock near you and your neighbors, you want to make sure that everyone can enjoy it. Being able to spend time outdoors and around the water is part of life’s greatest pleasures . But if the public dock isn’t handicap accessible or ADA-compliant, you’re preventing citizens from fully utilizing the space. Getting a site that’s up-to-code and open to everyone makes a big difference in building a vibrant, healthy, and engaged community.

Waterfronts on state property and other local public sites need to be regularly reviewed to ensure that they’re not only safe for guests, but that they are accessible for people of varying ability levels. Easy mobility on boat docks and fishing docks helps make these spaces welcome to anyone who wants to use them.

Guidelines for Recreational Facility Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) works to protect the rights of individuals, no matter what their physical abilities might be. The law helps ensure that everyone can have safe, convenient access to local government and state facilities, including our treasured parks and recreational areas. Boating facilities, as well as fishing piers and platforms, must accommodate people with disabilities. Both fixed and floating structures need to comply with the ADA standards.

In 2002, the Access Board issued some helpful guidelines for new boating facilities and other remodels. Outlining the minimum requirements for these sites helps public docks improve their accessible features. These resources make it easier to create wheelchair-accessible routes for fishing docks and other boating activities. Of course, it’s always best to work with a seasoned waterfront specialist when drafting your designs. The right team of dock experts will help ensure that any new builds or remodels are ADA-compliant.

No matter the size of the recreational facility, certain accessibility features will need to be in place. Large marinas and piers, and even small public campgrounds with just one or two boat slips must meet these requirements. By addressing the usability at sites of all shapes and sizes, the public can have a great time around the water—no matter where they are.

Accessible Dock & Waterfront Solutions

Fortunately, making public docks accessible isn’t that big of a mystery. There are plenty of waterfront products available that can streamline the process. ADA-compliant features make fishing, boating, and other outdoor recreation fun for everyone! Including some of the best accessible dock solutions into your site is a great way to help your community stay safe on the water.

Public Fishing Docks

Building an accessible fishing dock is often a top priority for commercial and public waterfronts. Since fishing is such a popular hobby, it would be a shame to limit anyone’s access to the lake or pond! A simple public fishing dock will let park visitors get a great catch. We prefer building with EZ Dock because it’s easy to upgrade commercial dock setups. When necessary, you can even add a floating walkway with guardrails to expand visitor access.

Public Kayak Launches

For a really convenient canoe and kayak launch experience, you can’t go wrong with the latest EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System. These models make it easier than ever for small boating enthusiasts to enter and exit their watercraft. The transfer bench is made with two different heights to accommodate varying wheelchair sizes, and the entire system exceeds the minimum requirements of the ADA standards.

Community Boat Docks

If your setup requires multiple boat slips, ramps, and access points, you can still count on EZ Dock. We’ve utilized their modular system to build floating docks in communities all across the Midwest. Because you can easily expand your design with EZ Dock, there’s always the option to add new elements for a better overall experience. Making sure you have the proper ADA-compliant railings and curbing for safe, accessible ramps streamlines these designs.

Ready to Improve Your Public Dock?

If you need help making your local or state property compliant and accessible, call on the dock experts. At Deaton’s Waterfront Services, we’re proud to work with municipalities and commercial docks of all shapes and sizes. We have completed multiple waterfront projects for state properties and public lakes throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois.

Getting your waterfront accessible and ADA-compliant is easy when you work with a professional team. To get started, simple contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services to schedule an on-site visit or request a quote. We would be honored to work with you!