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How to Choose the Right Boat Lift

There’s no one boat lift that’s hands-down “the best” because every boat and waterfront is different. Boat lifts are all about protecting your watercraft, so in a lot of ways, any lift can be a great investment. As long as it safely removes or stores your boat out of water, you’re getting a good deal. You just have to know which size and features are right for you.

Types of Boat Lifts

For simplicity’s sake, we’re talking about four different types of boat lifts for this article: stationary, floating, hydraulic, and cable. Each of these styles come in various sizes, but the general model is the same. The different boat lift styles all come with their own benefits, too. Finding the right one just depends on your personal criteria.

Stationary Boat Lift

Boat lifts that are stationary typically do best with low water fluctuation. Sites that have under eight feet of water often go with stationary boat lifts because these smaller models are relatively easy to install, especially for your PWC.

Floating Boat Lift

Going with a floating boat lift is often good for shorelines with a rapid drop-off, as well as docks that have over eight feet of water. Floating boat lifts work best for areas with lots of water fluctuation—which makes them super versatile.

Cable Boat Lift

Manual boat lifts, also known as cable boat lifts, are ideal for watercrafts of varying sizes. These lifts can safely handle boats all the way up to 5,000 lb. or more. (We’re big fans of the cable boat lift Wheel Lock Mechanism from ShoreStation.)

Hydraulic Boat Lift

Hydraulic boat lifts are great for their low maintenance and convenient boat entry. If you have a boat house or a large watercraft, a hydraulic lift is probably the way to go. These powerhouses can lift and lower your boat in about a minute, just with the touch of a button.

For long-term investment, it often helps to look at lifts that can be easily customized to fit any hull type. Boat lifts that come with multiple options and interchangeable features will usually deliver the best results for your money. They should work with the site and boat you have now, and still give you flexibility if you decide on getting any new watercrafts.

Finding the Right Boat Lift

The best boat lift for your watercraft must be suitable for your water depth and your boat’s weight and width. Knowing those measurements will automatically rule out a couple of boat lift options you might be considering. But if you still have trouble deciding, be sure to talk with a local waterfront services company. They’ll help give you an idea of which direction to go in—both for your needs now, and down the line.

Discussing your options with a boat lift professional can help you know what your best boat lift options might be for your area, watercraft, and lifestyle. You don’t want to make any mistakes calculating your dry weight or dock compatibility. A waterfront services company can help you find the right fit and even get you a great deal on used boat lifts.

Boat Lifts from Deaton’s Waterfront Services

Deaton’s Waterfront Services is an authorized dealer for the best boat lifts on the market today, including ShoreStation, Sunstream, and Poly Lift. We’re also proud of our used boat lift inventory. Whether you want a new lift or a used boat lift, we’d be happy to help you out.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services if you have any questions about installing a boat lift or would like to request a quote. Our experienced team of waterfront experts is here to make the process simple and streamlined so you can protect your boat for the long-term and enjoy your time on the water.