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Fun Waterfront Features for Summer Camps and Parks

Every recreational dock has a different setup. But there are some key waterfront features that you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re getting ready for a new dock build or just want to make some general repairs and improvements, consider adding these options!

3 Features for Your Camp or Park Dock

If you ask us, one of the best ways to enjoy sunny summer days is to head to the water. Public parks and kids’ summer camps can always benefit from a great dock layout. We love incorporating the following design elements into our work. Any of these features can help guests and campers enjoy more of what your waterfront has to offer.

1. Swim Platform

For most lakes, a swim platform is a must. A small floating dock can give swimmers a great place to rest or soak up the sun. People can have a fun time jumping or diving into the middle of your lake, and it’s all for a relatively low investment. Get your swim platform installed correctly, and it will last for years and years.

2. Low Profile Access

Another thing to think about for your dock is low profile access. When people want to use a kayak or canoe, a low profile dock section can be a helpful bonus. These designs make it easier to get in and out of your boat, on just about any body of water. They are great for rowing teams, too. Parks and camps looking to get a brand new dock should definitely look into these styles.

3. Fishing Pier

You also have to think about the people who enjoy the water, but don’t want to swim or go boating. Building a fishing pier (or improving the one your site already has) can help you cover all of your bases for the general public. If you don’t know where to start, talk with some experienced dock builders in your area. They can help you assess your site and determine what type of floating dock, walkway, or pier you need to accommodate your guests.

Plan for Waterfront Safety and ADA Docks

With any new public dock or fishing pier, you want to consider safety. The right measurements for your water depth, dock length, and slope all matter for new waterfront features. You don’t want a swim platform to be installed too close to the shore. You don’t want to miss any secure railings for your fishing pier either. These might sound like obvious details, but they’re worth double-checking. Find yourself a good contractor so your site stays safe.

Also, consider guests of different abilities. Designing with the ADA-compliant guidelines in mind can help you make your park or camp more accessible to everyone. A review of your existing layout could be a smart place to start. Then you can just make the upgrades you need, rather than redesigning your entire waterfront.

Give our team at Deaton’s Waterfront Services a call when you’re ready to talk through your options. We’re always happy to consult with you on your best options for your site, and more importantly—all of your visitors!

Floating Dock Rentals: Benefits for Waterfront Events

Floating dock rentals can be a great way to get your waterfront ready for its next big event. That’s because renting your dock lets you get the equipment you need, without the long-term investment.

An experienced waterfront services company can help you design and install the perfect dock rental for any occasion. Odds are, you’ll need different products if you’re preparing for a fishing tournament instead of a regatta. The same goes for over-water walkways and platforms. When you plan early and work with the pros, you’ll be set up in record time!

Floating Dock Rental Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why private parties or even public waterfronts may want to rent a dock for their event. Smaller marinas, for example, may not want to have a dock installed year-round. Even sites with a rowing club may need additional floating docks when they’re hosting an event.

Whatever the motivation, finding a reputable floating dock rental company is key. The best docks will be safe and stable—which is even more true for a rental dock. That’s where a waterfront services team can help you out.

Low-Profile Floating Dock

Because low-profile floating docks are closer to the water, they’re the preferred product for boat races like regattas. These types of floating dock rentals play a vital role for your participants and athletes as they enter and exit their shells. Dock rentals even allow you to customize your layout to suit single shells, 8-person shells, and even kayaks or canoes.

Custom Floating Dock Design

Other modular dock products work great if you need a more specialized design for your event. Adding on  platforms or an extra observation section can help  give everyone a great view of the action. A dock expert can help design a system that’s perfect for your event size, water depth, and other key features. Carefully reviewing all those factors will make you dock rental safe and secure (and help your event go off without a hitch).

Dock systems should be accessible for a variety of events—not just boating. You may even want a floating dock for a firework display. Or perhaps you need a more expansive, temporary dock system for another weekend event? Either way, it’s important to find a company you can trust.

Rent a Dock for Your Next Event

Safety is key at any public or private event, especially when you’re on the water. The types of products your contractor will use can make a big difference in your guests’ overall experience. At Deaton’s Waterfront Services, we only work with the best. Our rental dock units will help you create a secure system for your upcoming regatta, boat show, fishing tournament, or other waterfront event.

We often prefer to work with EZ Dock products because their construction is durable and versatile. The modular design makes it easy to customize the layout to fit your needs, and you’ll feel confident knowing that the material has a good grip. (Some are even barefoot-friendly!)

From start to finish, the Deaton’s Waterfront Services team is here to help whenever you want to rent a dock. We’ll collaborate with you in the design, delivery, install, and removal to make your rental experience easier than ever. Please give us a call at (317) 747-4933 to get started, or send us a message to reserve your dock rental dates today!

New EZ Dock Boating Products for 2017

The new line of 2017 EZ Dock products is making a big splash this year. Whether your dock is already in place, or you’re still making plans to get your system installed, these two new add-on options are great for personalizing your waterfront property. Build the dock that matches your needs and interests with one of these fantastic setups!

These new dock systems are perfect for rowing and kayak enthusiasts. The special designs give you easier access to the water and work seamlessly with both residential and commercial docks. And just like everything in the EZ Dock brand, the new products are all about versatility.

Low Profile Dock

We’re now offering installation services for the new Low Profile Dock from EZ Dock. This is an ideal match for waterfront properties that want easy access for their fishing, swimming, boating and rowing adventures. Because the freeboard planks float even closer to the water, it’s the perfect platform for entering your boat safely and conveniently. Or you can use it as a regular dock for just jumping right in to the water!

  • New Low Profile Dock
  • Low Maintenance & Great Stability
  • High Load Capacity for multiple launches (on both sides)
  • Compatible with traditional docks and standard EZ Dock systems
  • Modular Design for multiple applications

This new addition to the EZ Dock product line is also known as their Rowing Dock. With its shallow height and durability, this modular system is the perfect dock for recreational and competitive rowers. These low-profile docks even exceed the US Rowing standards, as well as the International Rowing Federation (FISA) standards. With this setup, you’ll know you’re getting great quality for rowers of every level!

You can even reconfigured your design if you need to change locations or move the dock for upcoming events. The versatile construction with EZ Dock products helps you create the systems that’s perfect for your waterfront. We’re excited to help our clients set up these unique systems!

Canoe & Kayak Launch

The release of the new Kayak Launch from EZ Dock is great for lots of small boat types. This sleek design makes it easier than ever to enter and exit your kayak or canoe. Even as water levels rise and fall, the floating platform on this launch give you comfortable access to your favorite water activities. Guard rails for safety and convenient launch rollers will help get you out on the water in no time.

  • New Canoe & Kayak Launch
  • Guide rails for safe access in and out of boat
  • Launch rollers to help move watercraft
  • Floating Platform fits with Standard EZ Dock systems
  • Universal Access Features

Whether you want a kayak launch for your private property or a commercial site, these new design features will make boating fun and even more approachable. Secure railings and a unique Accessible Transfer System provide top of the line safety and assistance to users of all levels. A transfer bench and slide boards even allow users to enter their boat while sitting. It’s a more comfortable transfer, and the system even surpasses the minimum requirements outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

You can also pair the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System with this kayak launch. A transfer bench with two heights helps ease the transition from a wheelchair to the boat, and the slide boards come with two different heights to accommodate varying watercraft sizes. (For more information on these features, check out the product video from EZ Dock.)

Get the Upgrade!

Updating your current dock setup or preparing to install your floating dock is a breeze when you have the right contractors. Contact Deaton’s Waterfront Services today to learn more about these new 2017 products from EZ Dock. We’re always available for consultations and look forward to telling you more about the best docking system for your active lifestyle.